Melanie Vanderzand

Real Estate Broker

Wife and mother of two amazing girls, I have run a successful real estate business for 14 years and am part owner of a thriving real estate brokerage.

Professionally, I have earned many real estate awards and have been fortunate to receive glowing accolades from many clients I’ve worked with through the years.

I take a modern approach to real estate by offering a completely tailored real estate experience.  My goal is to combine my experience and passion to inspire results through a personalized and friendly approach.  The foundation of our mutual success is built on these principles.

Personally, I have a passion for helping the community.  I volunteer at local schools to teach youth about empowering their mindset to achieve their life’s desires.  In addition, I help an organization in the Bahamas to help relocate street dogs to loving homes across Canada.

I’ll make real estate simple for you.

Regardless if you’re selling or buying a home, real estate doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially when we’re working together towards a common goal.

I know your market

My mandate is to ensure that I'm educated and informed on real estate trends in your market so that I can provide you with the most up-to-date information and feedback.

Honesty, fairness and trust

I will earn and keep your trust through the entire selling and buying process. I will keep you informed and will provide you with the honest and timely feedback you need.

An experience worth sharing

A positive outcome is important to your overall satisfaction. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. You'll want to share your experience with world!

I'm On Your Team

Experienced. Personable.
And Ready To Work For You

In today’s competitive market, it is important to work with a reliable real estate broker that you can trust to guide you through the home selling or buying experience. I’m committed to helping you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.